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Calibration of SWAT model


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Calibration of SWAT model
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:36:34 PM »
I have simulated streamflow  using QGis interface of SWAT model in a semiarid catchment that has forest and agricultural ecosystem for total 13years (3 years warmup, 8 years calibration, 2 years validation). Area of catchment is 1200 My warmup period is 3 years. After simulation R^2 value and NS was found to be 0.78 and -0.21.

I tried calibrating the model using SWATCUP , by following the paper for calibration period. In SWATCUP, initially I set the result of initial model, with period of simulation as calibration period.. Then my NS is found to be -1.16 and R^2 is found to be 0.54.

Since overall flow overestimates the observed flow, in first two simulation i have decreased CN, increased sol_AWC, ESCO and  in the third and fourth simulation i have increased GW_revap, GW_qmn, GW_Delay and decreased Revapmn, Alpha_BF.  I have done 4 iteration of 150 simulation but there is no much improvement in the performance. I have attached my output flow from QSWAT model. I request you to suggest parameter that is to be needed to change during calibration, so that i get a good performance.

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Ashwathi V K