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FREEWAT - Remote training


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FREEWAT - Remote training
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:44:25 AM »
Dear all


FREEWAT ( is a free and open source, QGIS integrated platform for the simulation of groundwater flow dynamics and related processes (interaction between ground- and surface-water, solute transport, density-dependent flow, water management in agriculture, sensitivity analysis and model calibration).

The FREEWAT platform integrates simulation codes belonging to the USGS family (e.g., MODFLOW, MT3DMS, SEAWAT, UCODE), along with tools for data pre-processing and post-processing of model results.

The training activities will consist in a set of FREEWAT tutorials to be performed individually. It is planned to be run between March 5th and June 3rd, 2018. Practically, the team will ask you and support you in performing one tutorial every 15 days, for about 13 weeks and a total of 50 hours of estimated commitment. During the whole period they will support you by email or skype means.

Please, notice that the FREEWAT platform, along with User manuals, tutorials and data, can be freely downloaded through this webpage.

The full training schedule is provided here.

If you wish to take part to this remote training, please register through this link within March 4th, 2018, h. 1:00 PM.

At the end of the training period, they will provide a certificate if required.
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