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Comment: Getting the Methodology Wrong for Analysing the Hydrological Changes in Watersheds


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Recently, a comment was published in Hydrology and Earth System Science - Discussion (HESS-D) ( on an article published in the same journal (HESS) in 2018 ( The nature of the comment does not contribute to constructive scientific debate. It is more like a rant, a vicious attack on the authors and their expertise, rather than on their work. This has evoked serious reactions from the hydrologic community (8 short comments in the last 3 days). I feel it is important for the Indian hydrologic community to be aware of such trolling and scientific harassments (thanks to Nandita Basu for pointing it out, and would request people to comment if they feel the need for it. Of course, all this is my personal opinion.
Link to original paper:
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