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Global Streamflow Characteristics Dataset

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Global Streamflow Characteristics Dataset
« on: November 03, 2018, 11:33:33 AM »

The Global Streamflow Characteristics Dataset (GSCD) consists of global maps of 17 streamflow characteristics, such as baseflow index, runoff coefficient, and flow percentiles, providing information about runoff behavior for the entire land surface including ungauged regions. The maps are unique in that they were derived using a data-driven (top down) approach based on streamflow observations from thousands of catchments around the globe, rather than using a physically-based (bottom up) process model. For more information, see the following open-access papers:

Beck, H.E., A.I.J.M. van Dijk, A. de Roo (2015): Global maps of streamflow characteristics based on observations from several thousand catchments. Journal of Hydrometeorology 16(4), 1478–1501.

Beck, H.E., A.I.J.M. van Dijk, D.G. Miralles, R.A.M. de Jeu, L.A. Bruijnzeel, T.R. McVicar, J. Schellekens (2013): Global patterns in baseflow index and recession based on streamflow observations from 3394 catchments. Water Resources Research 49(12), 7843–7863.

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