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Invitation to submit abstract in AOGS 2019


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Invitation to submit abstract in AOGS 2019
« on: February 06, 2019, 04:50:55 PM »
Dear all,

At the onset, Wish you a Happy New Year.

This year, the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) Annual Meeting will be held in Singapore from 28th July to 2nd August. Abstract submissions are now open with a deadline of 12th February. We are planning to run a hydrology session [HS 17] on "Water-food-energy Nexus Under Uncertain Future: Data, Tools, Modelling and Knowledge Integration".

Please find the details of the session copied below and consider submitting abstracts to the same.

Water-food-energy Nexus Under Uncertain Future: Data, Tools, Modelling and Knowledge Integration

Assessment and sustainable management of regional water resources is challenged by several factors including changing demands due to population pressure, hydrological uncertainty and effects of climate variability and change. Many large hydrological basins in Asia (e.g. Indus, Ganga, Mekong) and around the world are already facing the challenges induced by unprecedented hydrological stress and variability. Competing interests of energy and agriculture is also putting immense pressure on surface and groundwater resource globally driven by increasing population. Sustainable water resources assessment and planning for the future should account for the trade-offs in the delicate water-food-energy-environment nexus. Transboundary nature of many of the regional hydrological basins also add onto the management challenges. Under these challenges of the 21st century there is an increased trans-disciplinary focus for sustainable water resources management by integrating data and models that spans atmospheric, hydrological and social spheres and evolving policy perspectives. Over the decades, there has been exponential increase in the wealth of data and knowledge being generated from remote sensing, climate research and hydrological modelling across multiple scales and domains that can aid in making sustainable water management decisions. This session invites abstracts that contribute to integrated assessment and management of surface and groundwater resources in purview of the nexus. Studies that integrates data and knowledge across climatic, land surface, hydrological and socioeconomic models and predictive uncertainty analysis for regional scale hydrological water balance assessment and management under evolving challenges are welcome. Emerging research studies in regional basins adopting holistic approaches towards water-food-energy-environment nexus solutions and policy perspectives are also are of particular interest.

Thanks and regards
(On behalf of the committee)

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Civil Engineering
IIT Bombay