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SatPy: Python package for meteorological remote sensing data

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SatPy: Python package for meteorological remote sensing data
« on: February 13, 2019, 06:19:36 PM »
SatPy is a python library for reading and manipulating meteorological remote sensing data and writing it to various image and data file formats. SatPy comes with the ability to make various RGB composites directly from satellite instrument channel data or higher level processing output. The pyresample package is used to resample data to different uniform areas or grids. Various atmospheric corrections and visual enhancements are also provided, either directly in SatPy or from those in the PySpectral and TrollImage packages.

Go to the project page for source code and downloads.

It is designed to be easily extendable to support any meteorological satellite by the creation of plugins (readers, compositors, writers, etc). The table at the bottom of this page shows the input formats supported by the base SatPy installation.