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Deficit Irrigation Toolbox

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Deficit Irrigation Toolbox
« on: April 16, 2019, 09:25:44 PM »
Deficit Irrigation Toolbox (DIT) is an open-source software to simulate and maximize crop-water productivity of deficit irrigation systems. Written in Matlab language, the toolbox allows you to perform the complex analysis of crop yield response to climate change, soil variability, and water management practices.

The current DIT version includes:

   1. Interfaces to crop models: Simple Soil-Water Balance, AquaCrop-OS .

   2. 9 irrigation strategies including rainfed, soil-moisture based, constant, and optimized open-loop and closed-loop irrigation scheduling strategies.

   3. Advanced features like site-specific crop-water production functions, parallel computation, and a probabilistic framework for the analysis of climate and soil variability on crop yield.

Development team: Oleksandr Mialyk and Niels Sch├╝tze