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Disaggregation of LST over India - Comparitive Analysis of Vegitation Indices

Karthikeyan L

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Recently a work carried out by Eswar, student of Prof. M. Sekhar has been published in International Journal of Remote Sensing (IJoR).

Land surface temperature (LST) is a vital parameter to understand and quantify the surface energy balance (which includes evapotranspiration, ET). Quantifying the water lost to the atmosphere through ET is needed for water budgeting and irrigation supply. LST varies spatially and temporally and is strongly influenced by surface moisture, vegetation and surface type. LST is measured by thermal sensors in remote sensing satellites. We get reliable measurements of LST from MODIS sensor at daily time scale with 1000 m spatial resolution. But unfortunately, the agricultural plots in India is typically of the size 100 m x 100 m and is very small when compared with a MODIS pixel. It becomes really difficult to get plot scale ET from MODIS LST measurements. High spatial resolution sensors like the Landsat provides LST measurements at 100 m spatial resolution but only once in 16 days. In order to get routine LST measurements at fine spatial scales, suitable spatial disaggregation approaches for LST needs to be developed. The article "Disaggregation of LST over India: comparative analysis of different vegetation indices" discusses about one such spatial disaggregation model for LST that is more suited for semi-arid countries like India.

Article Citation:
Eswar, R. , Sekhar, M. and  Bhattacharya, B. K. (2016), Disaggregation of LST over India: comparative analysis of different vegetation indices, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 37(5), 1035-1054,

Prof. M. Sekhar can be reached at
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Congratulation  Eswar.
Thanks for posting it Karthik.

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