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Models / Re: I need help to run Skehekin sample with VIC 5.0
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:55:40 PM »
I have solved the problem. I was writing the directory path from home directory when it should have been written from root directory.

The following directory format will work in both Ubuntu and VIC (notice /home/hemant/)
Code: [Select]
/home/hemant/VIC_sample_data/The following one will work in Ubuntu terminal but won't work with VIC (notice ~/)
Code: [Select]
Best way to find the find the full path name of a file is to
  • Open a browser (Chrome in my case)
  • Type file:/// in the URL field
  • Now browse for your file
  • Full path will be the title (name) of the tab. [I am attaching an image for reference.]

Models / Re: I need help to run Skehekin sample with VIC 5.0
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:20:53 PM »
I, Hemant, am working with VIC 5.0.1. I am getting the same error posted in these threads,1264.0.html,1145.msg2778.html#msg2778
However, both users have not posted the solution of the problem.
I have modified the file paths in the global_param.STEHE file as per the old VIC documentation available on the website. But when I run vic_classic.exe with the global_param file I get the following error:
Code: [Select]
[ERROR] ../shared_all/src/open_file.c:61: errno: No such file or directory: Unable to open File /home/VIC_sample_data/classic/Stehekin/parameters/Stehekin_soil.txt
You can see from the attached screenshot that the path is correct and I am able to open the file with gedit using the same path. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a dual boot laptop (Ubuntu+Windows 10). I have downloaded VIC and VIC_sample_data from github. The compilation of VIC executed properly. (apparent from -v command)
Code: [Select]
hemant@hemant-ubuntu:~$ ~/VIC/vic/drivers/classic/vic_classic.exe -v
VIC Driver  : Classic
VIC Version : 5.0.1 February 1, 2017
VIC Git Tag : VIC.5.0.1-18-g59b9
Compiled    : by hemant on hemant-ubuntu (LINUX) Dec  5 2017 17:14:30
Compiler    : gcc
 version    : 5.4.0

I want to know how to specify path in the global param file (syntax)
I have tried replacing ${VIC_sample_data} with the followings and they are not working:

Is there some other syntax for specifying file path in global parameter file? If possible, can someone post a global param file which is running with VIC?

I am attaching the global_param file, if needed, along with a screenshot of the error.

Post your question/information / Re: Further Floods in Ladakh Imminent
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:36:29 PM »
Thanks Sat for the feedback. I shall include more info now onwards.

Post your question/information / Further Floods in Ladakh Imminent
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:39:22 PM »
[The article focuses on policies to adopt to mitigate damages due to (potential) floods in Ladakh, and is not focused on research, but I felt that it should be shared. Please move it to the appropriate board.]
A workshop on Flood Disaster Risk Reduction has concluded that Ladakh will experience further floods (including mudflows) with the same or increasing frequency as in recent years. A report of the recommendations from the workshop.

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